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Garlanna Greeting Cards


Irish greeting cards

At Garlanna Greeting Cards Ireland, we design and produce the majority of our Irish greeting cards, gift wrap, and accessories in beautiful County Wicklow. We help people send their thoughts and love to all of the special friends and family in their lives and celebrate life's most important moments, both big and small.

Send some love
and put a smile
on someone's face

Lets make it personal !


Once you've picked the perfect card we can handwrite and post the card for you!

plane-personalise-it-mobile (2)

Whether you want to order to your home or send to that special someone we can write and send your card for you!


Why not add it to your calendar and we'll remind you of your special date!

star-personalise-it-mobile (2)

We appreciate your support and want to thank you so much for visiting our site!

Go Green with Garlanna!

Here at Garlanna we have been working very hard to bring our customers a sustainable product. We would like to tell you a little bit about what exactly we have been doing and what we plan to on doing in the future. We'd love if you would watch our video and have a little read about our exciting new plans...

Go Green with Garlanna!

New Project (1)

Go Green with Garlanna!

Lets stay in touch!

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