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Our Story

Family is at the core of our company.

Headed by husband and wife team, Alan and Jackie MacNamee, Garlanna was built with hardwork and lots of heart.

Our company name reflects this, it is a combination of the names of two of their children. Garlanna is a family business that celebrates love and emotion everyday.

We are proud to design and produce the majority of our products here in our Wicklow based studio with the help of our talented team.

What we do

We make Greeting Cards that say it all.

All of our cards are designed with love to help you express love.

Nothing beats the excitement of opening a handwritten envelope, bursting with feeling and thought from the sender.

Our cards are carefully created to make your loved ones feel special no matter what the occasion.

Send a little love today, whether it’s for a birthday celebration or just a simple hello, a card shows that you really care.

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