Why Real Greeting Cards are Better than E-Cards

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With new holidays around the corner Halloween, Christmas, and even your loved one’s Birthdays, you may be planning on sending a card to that someone special to celebrate the festivities. It is debatable as to which is the better option, however, the growing popularity of e-cards has become apparent. However, are e-cards the right way of expressing yourself. We all know every person will love to receive a traditional card received by hand or in the post. Nowadays there is a special card about for every occasion whether you are celebrating a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and many more, there is so much available on the market to the consumer.

In this ever-evolving world, we live in it is worth knowing that a real greeting card is still known to be by far the most effective and true way of telling every person that you really care. We live in a world that is run by digital communication but sending a card by post can mean a lot to the sender and the receiver. A traditional card shows the person you are sending to that you went out of your way to choose a card, handwrite it, and send it. The old fashion way is still apparent, and a lot of people still associate hand-written cards with care and appreciation. By handwriting a card, we are not only helping our own brains to learn and improve motor skills and expression, but we are also making people feel that they are worthwhile and valuable.

Let’s look at why real cards are better: 

Personal Touch 

Traditional cards provide a level of personalisation that an E-Card could not match. This way you can hand write your message to the person you are sending it to it is a great opportunity to show that you have put the effort in. Even if you only sign your name and their name it still means you are adding your own personal touch to the card.


To maintain a high visibility, sending a traditional greeting card is the best option. There are a lot of people who prefer their cards standing on their mantelpiece, on display, and in a visible location. A lot of people like to look at their cards and read them and if it’s a special time of year like Christmas and they may want to show their friends and family. With an E-Card you cannot really do this as very little people won’t be bothered to print them out.

Greetings that are heartfelt 

There is nothing quite the same as taking the time and writing your own heartfelt message to a loved one, addressing the envelope, and sending the card off in the post, this is showing the recipient that you really care. It expresses complex emotions and means a lot to many people.

They serve a keepsake purpose 

A personalised traditional greeting card creates the ideal keepsake for a loved one, family, or friends. A lot of people collect greeting cards and put them safely into an album for a keepsake. They will enjoy the memories for a lifetime especially if the card was for a special occasion like a 100th birthday and not many people see those days.

They are more meaningful 

With all the various greeting card shops there are available to the consumers it is more meaningful to someone that you went into a shop to pick out one and making sure it was the perfect one. There are so many designs to choose from and being able to see the card and the message inside, and the type of fabric it is made of, it is way more meaningful to buy a traditional greeting card then it is sending an e-card. It shows to a loved one that you put a lot of effort into it. Seeing your handwritten message personalises the sentiment and it shows you really care.

There is nothing quite like sending an actual greeting card to make someone’s day, to make some feel cheered and tickled pink to hear from you. Consider all the benefits of sending an actual greeting card and show the receiver they are worth more than a few minutes on the computer. 

Choosing the Perfect Greeting or Birthday Card

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Sometimes we all leave it until the very last minute to pick up the perfect card on our way to a birthday party or family celebration and in our hurry we pick up a sympathy card instead of a congratulations!
So what is the best way to do it? Here are our top tips to really make someone smile when they open up your card…
1. Try to take your time!
Instead of rushing and grabbing the first card you see, try and carve out a little time, even just 5 minutes and think about the person that you are buying for. What do they like? Are they a traditional Granny or a trendy teenager? Pick a card that you think THEY will like – not just the first one to fall into your hands!

2. Let the card do the talking…
If you aren’t comfortable pouring your heart out and writing a long personal message – let the card do the hard work for you! Pick a card that really says what you want to say – we take a long time to write the perfect message and verses for you!

3. Sparkle and shine
Pick a card that will really jump off the mantle piece and take pride of place! We have lots of glittery, shiny, 3D and colourful designs that will make your choice really stand out from the crowd.

4. Save time and buy in bulk
Be super organised for the year ahead and buy your cards for all of the birthdays, weddings and celebrations that you have coming up throughout the year. You’ll save time and money by buying with time on your side. Get a head start by visiting our online shop and having a browse…

5. Be thoughtful
There really is nothing nicer than getting a card in the post, it’s like getting a big hug in an envelope! Don’t wait around for a birthday to pop a card in the post – make a habit of sending a little hello to your loved ones to show that you care! We have lots of cards that are for no particular celebration – a blank canvas for your thoughts and wishes!

Irish greeting card

Eggcellent Easter Competition!

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We’re feeling super eggcited here in Garlanna in the build up to our second favourite season – Easter! What’s not to love, daffodils, tulips, cute little chicks, a very generous Easter bunny and most importantly lots of yummy chocolate!

To celebrate, we’ve hatched a little competition for all of our lovely fans. Can you guess how many little eggs and chicks we’ve squeezed into the jar? Head on over to our Facebook page and tell us in the comments. The winner will be selected randomly from the correct answers! The prize is a cracking goody bag of our lovely cards and some little surprises. Winner announced on Holy Thursday. A little like and a friendly share would be very nice 🙂

Happy Easter!


Va Va Voom on Valentine’s Day!

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Want to make an impression this Valentine’s Day? Then do something a little different!

Think outside the big red box – instead of spending a fortune on fancy pancy presents, try buying something nice and small but do something BIG! Once you have the perfect Valentine’s day card and a token present like a nice bunch of blooms or yummy chocolates, you’ve ticked all the boxes and anything else you do will be a big surprise and earn extra brownie points! If you haven’t already picked up the perfect card – don’t worry our cards are in SuperValu, Centra, Spar stores and more all around Ireland, so you can get one right up until the last minute!

Make an impression and maybe….

  1. Go on a fun date – something you never usually do, try climbing a mountain together or visit a museum, take yourself out of your comfort zone!
  2. Instead of making breakfast in bed, maybe make a cute little packed lunch with a love note tucked inside!
  3. Write a poem or a funny song dedicated to that special someone in your life, get the creative juices flowing and stretch your fingers – put pen to paper and pour your little heart out! Writing something by hand means so much more than sending a text or message!
  4. Leave a little list on the fridge where your loved one will see it about all of the things you think are great about them – everyone loves to hear nice things!
  5. A good old foot rub! Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year so if you’re significant other has been working hard at home or away all day then offer to give them a lovely and relaxing massage, you never know you might get one in return!

…and remember, Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, spread the love by doing something nice for friends and family too – make Valentine’s day into a love fest for everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day xxx



Are you super creative?

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We’re a creative bunch here in Garlanna and we love anything to do with paper and pretty things! If you share our passion for print and design, pattern and doodles then read on…

We currently have an opportunity for a Junior Designer to join the team in our studio in Rathnew.

The ideal candidate will have strong illustration skills and excellent knowledge and proficiency in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. The role will involve a mix of creating designs, illustrations and patterns from concept through to production and also amending and updating existing designs. The candidate we are looking for must have strong writing skills and pay close attention to detail. Knowledge of print production, finishing techniques and web design an advantage – WordPress in particular. We are looking for a designer with 1-2 years experience.

Salary will depend on your experience. Applications via e-mail only, to laura@garlanna.com, with CV and a link to your portfolio or attach a PDF. 

Love cards? Work with us!

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Merchandiser Role

We are looking for a professional, enthusiastic Merchandiser to join our team and look after one of our key stores.

Key Responsibilities
• Main responsibilities will be checking deliveries, tidying and the replenishment of our everyday and seasonal greeting card displays for our store in Virginia.

• Ensure our customer’s display is maintained to the highest standard and liaise with management on a regular basis.

Hours of Work
Merchandising will be two days a week 1.5 hours a day (3hrs a week).

Experience and Skills
• Good interpersonal, communication and relationship management skills are essential
• Self confident with the ability to work on own initiative
• Own transport essential

€10.00 an hour

How to apply
Please send a cover letter and your CV to carol@garlanna.com

Work with Garlanna

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Sales, Merchandising & Customer Relationship Support

This role holds responsibility for the smooth, cost & time effective operation between Garlanna, new and existing customers, and our merchandising and sales teams. The key function of this role is to develop consistency and coherence in the day-to-day operation and communication between Garlanna and our customers and team, thus enabling our merchandisers and sales reps to focus on their roles in the field.

Key Responsibilities
• This role is an evolving one and the candidate must be flexible and grow with the role
• Initially to set up and design a strategy to manage each area of responsibility
• Ensure all new processes, policies and procedures are properly documented, accessible and understood by all team members
• Lead both the in-house and contract merchandising and sales teams whilst encouraging best practice within the teams
• Suggest and implement improvements within the teams
• Manage all communication with new and existing customers once the initial contact has been made
• Document all interaction with customers – knowledge of CRM an advantage
• Encourage communication between all departments

Experience and Skills
• Good interpersonal, communication and relationship management skills are essential
• The individual will be passionate, energetic and enthusiastic about delivering new systems & processes
• Experience in designing and managing processes
• Strong administration skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office
• Business planning experience
• Project management experience
• Team management experience
• Flexibility and the ability to work cross functions, balancing priorities
• Strong knowledge of the Irish retail space
• Self-Confident with the ability to work on own initiative

Negotiable based on experience

How to apply
Please send a cover letter and your CV to carol@garlanna.com

What to do on Valentine’s Day?

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Valentines card and choclates

So you’ve got the Valentine’s card and box of chocs – sorted right?! (If you haven’t don’t worry – you still have time, our cards are available to buy in SuperValu, Centra, Spar stores and more nationwide right up until Valentine’s Day!)

Yes but if you want to make Valentine’s Day super extra special this year why not try these tips to woo your sweetheart and earn lots of…. ahem, brownie points!

1. Start early, get up just that little bit before the alarm clock starts shouting at you and make breakfast, this doesn’t mean that you have to make a huge fry up, even a bowl of cereal prepared by someone else is a treat!

Valentines breakfast

Image credit http://www.jillianharris.com/valentines-day-breakfast-for-him/

2. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to cost a fortune, once you’ve got your card and a small gift, you can do the rest yourself. You could start by leaving little love notes around the house or in the car. Post it’s are perfect for this!

3. Seeing as Valentine’s day is on a Sunday this year, you could have a lovely relaxing day with your loved one. Plan something that they love to do, it could be a walk on the beach, a lazy pj day with lots of movies to watch and goodies to nibble, spend some quality time just the two of you!

4. Sometimes if life is a bit hectic we can forget to connect with our nearest and dearest one to one, in the hustle and bustle of life, hugs and kisses can be the last thing on your mind but they are so important, and it’s been proven that are are good for your health! So take as many opportunities to give a little cuddle here and there and keep it going all year long!

5. If you still have any energy left after all of that, you could plan a nice dinner & dessert, again keep it simple and stress free, you should be enjoying yourself too! Maybe it’s take-away and a tub of ice-cream or a home cooked feast, either way you’ll be in the good books!

Job done! Happy Valentine’s Day xxx

PS: If you happen to find yourself in solitary splendour on Valentine’s Day – do all the above for yourself!


Christmas all wrapped up – top 5 tips to speed up your gift wrapping

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As Christmas fast approaches and time is running out to finish getting all the bits and pieces you need to make Christmas extra special, why not take the hassle out of wrapping all your Christmas presents and gifts with our top tips!

1. Bag them up! Instead of having to cut wrapping paper and battle with sellotape, you could take the easy option and pop your presents into a gift bag – nice and simple!

Christmas gift bag

2. Take the confusion out of gift wrapping. Make it easy to know which present belongs to who by using gift tags, no fighting on Christmas morning!

gift tags

3. Go curly! Make your presents look extra special by adding some curly ribbon, here’s how…

4. A tissue! The simplest way of jazzing up your presents is to stuff some tissue paper into your gift bag or around the gift before wrapping it, easy peasy!

5. If you really want to wrap your presents with paper – see if you can do it in 12 seconds!

Christmas is coming!

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Well as you have probably well guessed – we’re crazy for Christmas in Garlanna, we celebrate it all year! From planning designs as early as January to printing our Christmas cards in the summer, it really is Christmas everyday.

Christmas is particularly special to us at it really sums up what greeting cards are all about – reaching out to people to let them know that you really care.
The age old tradition of choosing your cards, bringing them home and writing them by hand while thinking and reminiscing about the person you are sending them to. It’s such a personal and thoughtful act that only happens once a year.

So why not snuggle up in front of a roaring fire and have a browse through our gorgeous collection of lovingly designed Christmas cards, pick your favourites and sit back with a mince pie until they arrive – when they do, you’ll have another excuse to sit by the fire with your pen at the ready and get writing your thoughts and wishes to family and friends near and far.

Writing Christmas cards

We all got together here in Garlanna and had a little festive do while writing our own cards, why don’t you have your own card writing get together?

Garlanna team