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Want to make an impression this Valentine’s Day? Then do something a little different!

Think outside the big red box – instead of spending a fortune on fancy pancy presents, try buying something nice and small but do something BIG! Once you have the perfect Valentine’s day card and a token present like a nice bunch of blooms or yummy chocolates, you’ve ticked all the boxes and anything else you do will be a big surprise and earn extra brownie points! If you haven’t already picked up the perfect card – don’t worry our cards are in SuperValu, Centra, Spar stores and more all around Ireland, so you can get one right up until the last minute!

Make an impression and maybe….

  1. Go on a fun date – something you never usually do, try climbing a mountain together or visit a museum, take yourself out of your comfort zone!
  2. Instead of making breakfast in bed, maybe make a cute little packed lunch with a love note tucked inside!
  3. Write a poem or a funny song dedicated to that special someone in your life, get the creative juices flowing and stretch your fingers – put pen to paper and pour your little heart out! Writing something by hand means so much more than sending a text or message!
  4. Leave a little list on the fridge where your loved one will see it about all of the things you think are great about them – everyone loves to hear nice things!
  5. A good old foot rub! Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year so if you’re significant other has been working hard at home or away all day then offer to give them a lovely and relaxing massage, you never know you might get one in return!

…and remember, Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, spread the love by doing something nice for friends and family too – make Valentine’s day into a love fest for everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day xxx