What to do on Valentine’s Day?

Valentines card and choclates

So you’ve got the Valentine’s card and box of chocs – sorted right?! (If you haven’t don’t worry – you still have time, our cards are available to buy in SuperValu, Centra, Spar stores and more nationwide right up until Valentine’s Day!)

Yes but if you want to make Valentine’s Day super extra special this year why not try these tips to woo your sweetheart and earn lots of…. ahem, brownie points!

1. Start early, get up just that little bit before the alarm clock starts shouting at you and make breakfast, this doesn’t mean that you have to make a huge fry up, even a bowl of cereal prepared by someone else is a treat!

Valentines breakfast

Image credit http://www.jillianharris.com/valentines-day-breakfast-for-him/

2. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to cost a fortune, once you’ve got your card and a small gift, you can do the rest yourself. You could start by leaving little love notes around the house or in the car. Post it’s are perfect for this!

3. Seeing as Valentine’s day is on a Sunday this year, you could have a lovely relaxing day with your loved one. Plan something that they love to do, it could be a walk on the beach, a lazy pj day with lots of movies to watch and goodies to nibble, spend some quality time just the two of you!

4. Sometimes if life is a bit hectic we can forget to connect with our nearest and dearest one to one, in the hustle and bustle of life, hugs and kisses can be the last thing on your mind but they are so important, and it’s been proven that are are good for your health! So take as many opportunities to give a little cuddle here and there and keep it going all year long!

5. If you still have any energy left after all of that, you could plan a nice dinner & dessert, again keep it simple and stress free, you should be enjoying yourself too! Maybe it’s take-away and a tub of ice-cream or a home cooked feast, either way you’ll be in the good books!

Job done! Happy Valentine’s Day xxx

PS: If you happen to find yourself in solitary splendour on Valentine’s Day – do all the above for yourself!