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Birthday Greeting Cards are Greeting Cards that you send or give to someone who may be celebrating their birthday. It is similar to a birthday cake. We all know everyone loves to receive a card, either by hand or by post. However, in the ever-evolving world that we live in, cards used to be a lot more popular than they are now due to the widespread introduction of the internet, mobile phones, and social media. This has led to the use of electronic birthdays cards or even posting a happy birthday message to a friend over Facebook. The appeal for greeting cards still exists for a lot of people. A card is known to be the most effective way of showing someone you care. Greeting cards are a staple in today’s culture and it is important to show people you care by sending an actual physical message that they can keep around as long as they need or want. 

Read on to find out more about the importance of Birthday Greeting Cards 

It has been scientifically proven and quoted by Dr. Lynda Shaw Neuroscientist “sending a card to someone can create a sense of well-being for the receiver”. The psychology of greeting cards has to do with self-worth and self-esteem. If you spend the time to write a card and send it to someone the recipient knows then you have given them some thought.  

Greeting Cards can express Emotions  

Sending a birthday greeting card can help you to express all the emotions with sympathy, joy, love, humour, thanks, and admiration. Any of your friends and family who have touched your life in any way a card can connect with them in an emotional way. 

To let someone know you are thinking of them  

A family member or friend maybe be feeling lonely and a card may add some pleasantness and happiness into their life.  

Keeps Business Relationships on a good level  

Sending a card to an employee gives you a great opportunity to show them that you appreciate the work that they do for you and your business. It will also lift your employee’s morale just knowing that you cared enough to remember them.  

The History of Birthday Cards  

The history of Birthday cards is said to have originated in England and is over 100 years old. Unfortunately, the evidence isn’t there to say who received or sent the first card. In those times, Birthday Cards were seen more like an apology. Back then people personally greeting a family member or friend in person on their birthday rather than sending a card but if they were not able to give it to them in person then they would send them a birthday card instead. The significance of a card was to send goodwill and hope to the person receiving the card. In recent times, people now send birthday cards to express their feelings to someone special.  

Greeting Cards History 

The greeting card history can be traced all the way back to Ancient Chinese. Chinese are known to have started sending the goodwill messages on a New Year as a tradition. The early Egyptians are also known to make used papyrus scrolls to send greetings to their family and loved ones. During the early 1400s, paper greeting cards that were handmade had developed in Europe. Germans at the time also printed New Year greetings on woodcuts.  
There are so many different cards to choose from as well as the traditional cards, there are modern cards, funny, floral cards, and many more. China is now becoming one of the largest manufacturers of Greeting Cards. Greeting Cards can bring a lot of joy to many people’s lives. It is a great way of communicating your wishes to a loved one. Little did the inventor of the birthday greeting card know after all those years ago just how popular and everlasting the trend of birthday cards have become.