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Sometimes we all leave it until the very last minute to pick up the perfect card on our way to a birthday party or family celebration and in our hurry we pick up a sympathy card instead of a congratulations!
So what is the best way to do it? Here are our top tips to really make someone smile when they open up your card…
1. Try to take your time!
Instead of rushing and grabbing the first card you see, try and carve out a little time, even just 5 minutes and think about the person that you are buying for. What do they like? Are they a traditional Granny or a trendy teenager? Pick a card that you think THEY will like – not just the first one to fall into your hands!

2. Let the card do the talking…
If you aren’t comfortable pouring your heart out and writing a long personal message – let the card do the hard work for you! Pick a card that really says what you want to say – we take a long time to write the perfect message and verses for you!

3. Sparkle and shine
Pick a card that will really jump off the mantle piece and take pride of place! We have lots of glittery, shiny, 3D and colourful designs that will make your choice really stand out from the crowd.

4. Save time and buy in bulk
Be super organised for the year ahead and buy your cards for all of the birthdays, weddings and celebrations that you have coming up throughout the year. You’ll save time and money by buying with time on your side. Get a head start by visiting our online shop and having a browse…

5. Be thoughtful
There really is nothing nicer than getting a card in the post, it’s like getting a big hug in an envelope! Don’t wait around for a birthday to pop a card in the post – make a habit of sending a little hello to your loved ones to show that you care! We have lots of cards that are for no particular celebration – a blank canvas for your thoughts and wishes!

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